Without to going into your motifs and reasons why you would want to fake sick and the first place, let me assure you that it is something which is frequently done, and easily too.  Surely, you have your reasons why you would prefer to get a sick leave and an approval of your doctor, to be absent from work.  Perhaps you are in no position to ask for a day off, and since these things happen frequently – it’s completely understandable.

  1. Think Of Credible Symptoms

woman_doctor_02Some people wrongly believe that making up symptoms is scary but it really sounds much worse than it really is.  All you have to do that is tried to remember moments when you were really sick.  Then use these experiences in order to construct a story which is completely believable.  Also, I would not recommend using symptoms which can be easily seen in a medical exam.  Therefore, you can say that you are feeling worn down or something similar.

  1. Call If You Can

Calling will allow you to gain the much needed distance and you will be able to avoid immediate contact with your physician.  Furthermore, you want have to go through too much trouble in order to make yourself will be your exhausted.  Also, that way when you visit your doctor you will be able to say that you are worst symptoms have already passed and that you are feeling much better at the moment.

  1. Avoid Giving Away Your True Motifs

Make sure you don’t mention your true motives to your colleagues, your friends, or your boss.  This will naturally make them suspicious of your ‘illness’.  If you cannot seem to keep your mouth shut, perhaps you should avoid these topics altogether and concentrate on talking about different topics.  Also, make sure and that you remember what you say and don’t change your story, because that will arise suspicion.

  1. Don’t Feel Bad About It

You shouldn’t feel too bad about using a fake doctor’s notice, simply because there is a large quantity of people who do this.  Furthermore, none of these people feel bad about using a fake doctor’s note, and neither should you.  People do this all the time, you all are just not aware of it.

  1. Be Careful Not To Overdo The Acting

badgebuddy_health_doctor_0913-504idIf you know wants to look like you are going down with the flu, make sure and that you slow down your speech and your gesticulation.  If you want to be credible, you shouldn’t overdo the acting. Furthermore, do not use fake doctor’s notes too often.  Make sure and that you use fake doctor’s notes only in cases of emergency and when it is absolutely necessary.  In this way you will not lose credibility and face, in the eyes of your superiors at work, or in the eyes of your doctor.

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